Creatures #2

Skex: According to legend, the Skex once had a bright coat and real wings. But nowadays the Skex is just known as an aggressive and haggard runner. If there is no way of escape, beware of it’s razor-sharp mandible. Despite his haggard appearance, the Skex is a very robust creature and has spread to many countries of Magalan. Especially when the Skex come across in small groups, you shouldn’t provoke them. As a voracious omnivore, the Skex leaves nothing left from his foes.


Scrabbler: Nowadays the Scrabbler does not have much in common with his ancestors anymore. Due to experiments with Elex, his skin became pale and unnatural. Many of the test subjects have now been released back into nature and roam the areas of Magalan to satisfy their craving for Elex. Many scrabblers were conditioned and drilled by Elex rationing. During the experiments thy got different electronic implants to increase their senses and reaction times. Thereby they became pestilent and deadly mutants!