ELEX Cosplay Photo-Shooting

Nasty – one of the leading characters in Tavar City, might have crossed your path already. This gun-wielding lady sure isn’t as harmless, as the first impression might suggest. She’s a tough nut and knows how to survive.
The Cleric – in the name of Calaan their mission is to purge all those sinners out there. With their techniques and advanced technology, they became a powerful fraction in the heart of Ignadon.

Inspired by the characters of ELEX, LightningCosplay created two incredible-looking cosplays. Weeks of hard work went into this project and ended up in an astonishing result, that amazed thousands of people during the gamescom 2017.

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If you want to relive the process of making, make sure to check out the links below.

Cosplay made by: LightningCosplay

Photograph: eosAndy

Making Of Nasty Cosplay

Making Of Cleric Armor

Making Of Photo-Shooting