Roleplay Convention 2017 (Cologne, GER)

A Place Like Home… 

The biggest role-playing-, LARP- and Cosplayconvention in Germany took place in Cologne last weekend. Of course ELEX had to be there, too.

Together with the team from THQ Nordic we gave about 30.000* visitors a chance to get their own hands on ELEX. But it wasn’t all about gaming: The RPC was a good possibility to shake hands with long-time fans, meet good ol’ friends and of course colleagues.

*According to preliminary estimates

Beside the joy-filled eyes of countless gamers, these were our Highlight-Moments:

Want To Grab Some ELEX?

Of course you could play ELEX by yourself during this convention (in case you had the luck to find an empty computer). The only way to get closer to the true spirit of Elex, is to face our personal ELEX-Cosplayer Balin, wearing a self-made Cleric-Acolyte Armor with helmet, rifle and even metal armor plates. Whoever wanted to stand toe to toe with one of these fearless Clerics: This was a great opportunity to test your courage.


Wherever a giant amount of people is, a stage surely is within reach. A neat chance für Jenny and Björn to introduce ELEX to those who haven’t heard about it yet.
Two times a day the audience had a chance to watch a brand-new clip that was just recently recorded by the Piranhas, while they listened to our well-known teammates.

Some of those who listened closely, were gifted with some Elex-merch, a pack of tasty Elex-M&M’s or even a RAZER keyboard. Happy fans, a happy ELEX-Team, could it get any better? Yeah! Right after ELEX THQ Nordic showed some live-played content of Spellforce III and kept entertaining the crowd.

Autograph Session

It’s one of the most exciting things to meet fans in person! During our Autograph session we (and you) had the chance to have a small chat with everyone, admire some brought along treasures or just take the chance to say “Thank You”. Posters, game boxes or even autograph cards – Jenny and Björn signed almost everything (even I signed one or two things!). It’s always an incredible feeling to leave your desk for a while and meet your audience live

Reminder Of Old Times

Right next to the Autograph Session visitors noticed some strangely known dresses. The German cosplay-group “Reiche am Myrtanischen Meer” reenacted characters from a well-known game.


And for the Grande Finale of an unbelievable convention ELEX was awarded by the Jury with the “Most Promising”-Award. A great chance for me to celebrate my first official appearance as a Piranha… Yeah, that green-haired guy.

Even A RPC Has Got To End

After two days of Roleplaying Convention two exhausted, but proud teams head back home. Carrying bags that lost weight through several giveaways, but still are full of impessions and experiences.