For Your Opinion

You want to know how the world thinks about #ELEX because you couldn’t form your own opinion yet? We can take the work out of your hands. Here is a list of articles about our game! We are very satisfied with the feedback on #ELEX so far. :)


“The good news is you won’t be constricted to playing classes. You can win over mentors who will teach you the skills you want to cultivate. Teachers aren’t the only ones you have to sweet talk, as the way you interact with NPCs will have consequences. So feel free to piss off everyone if you like, but there will be repercussions.”

Source: VG247

“I like the screenshots and concept art so far, so I’m keeping an eye on this one.”


“This diversity is pretty astonishing: we have classic swordplay, technology, and magic, and each of them is somewhat boosted by Elex.”

Source: Gamepressure

“Elex is definitely the most ambitious game that we saw at E3 this year.”

Source: NewGameNetwork

“This time we won’t be playing a pirate, nor a usual hero in the realm of fantasy. Instead we find ourselves in a country that has been marked by the impact of a meteor.”

Source: Gameplane