IgroMir 2016 in Moscow

In Germany it was still warm, when we left the country and when arrived in Moskow we first had to buy a scarf. The flight with Aeroflot just took three hours, so we landed on the northern of the four airports of Moskow and the less passegers were clapped happily during the landing.

Moscow itself proved to be a gigantic, very friendly and welcoming city. Our hotel was located right on the premises of the exhibition center and so it wasn’t far to IgroMir. The exhibition itself consisted of four halls, two of them belonged to the ComicCon. Since it was dark anyway, we used the first night to sleep, because in the next few days we came not as likely to do so.

Wednesday was then set-up day and when everything was finished, we went to the center of Moscow into a nice Russian restaurant in the evening. In the streets we listened to street musicians, girls on horses wanted to animate to ride and the houses shone with autumn colored lights.

The first day of the fair was similar to the Gamescom with many trade visitors and VIPs. The game stations were all occupied, many members of the press asked questions and a lot of fans took photos or rejoiced in a smalltalk.

In the evening we drove in the footsteps of Dmitri Gluchowski through various stations of the impressive Metro and felt like in a steampunk universe. Passing many witnesses and monuments of Russian history we ran over Red Square and at night we slept like bears impressed by the dents of the day.

The following days of the show were extremely well attended and it dammed up an impressive line up over the entire parking area. Many interested people and different cosplayers ran over our booth and tried the game stations. We were often in conversations, showed our game or answered questions. On the last day all T-shirts and flyers were finally out and in the evening we went into a karaoke bar and celebrated with a few Muscovites till the next morning.

Actually we are reaally exhausted, to be honest.

Thanks to all helpers, staff, interpreters, attendants and new friends, we look forward to seeing you again.

It was a pleasure!

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