Poznan Game Arena 2016 – Report

Poznań Game Arena 2016, curtain call!

October has already slipped into a wintry coat and sends chills down our spines. But instead of warming on jar of grog, the Piranhas decide to warm their hearts on their Polish community’s smiles. Although the stress of already passed conventions still tears on every single muscle, there is no second thought about visiting our Polish fanbase. So one last look into the mirror, one last stroke with the comb (well, Ama went all bold though the last years, so he’s fine with just polishing his bold head.) and off there go “El Gamer” Harry, “El Presidente” Ama and last but not least our loved friend and THQ Nordic PR Manager “Mr Airmiles” Florian.

After a pretty unspectacular and short-whiled flight it was time to inspect our booth in Poznań. The guys and girls from CDP.pl came up with a heartwarming welcome and helped us setting up the systems to prepare them for the next day. It didn’t take us very long, so we finally had a last drink together at the hotel bar and slowly dragged ourselves into the neatly prepared beds with those tiny chocolates on it. A few hours of sleep and some tasty buns later, it was time to finally present ELEX to all those gamers out there, who wanted to check out our demo.

And there were not only a few interested people… there were plenty of them. Each question got an answer. And even as our mouths went dry and our voice slowly died while holding up against numerous sound echoing through the hall, we still stood our ground and answered, explained and signed merchandise… And it felt great. In return we got incredible feedback based on the ELEX demo. Not even a minute passed without more and more people queueing up in front of our screens. It was stunning to see these people smile and being infected by the euphoria we tried to put into our game.

As the last few hours started to count down on the clock, we spent our last Złoty for some sweets and a coffee to charge our batteries enough to not fall asleep on our way back to Germany. Well, none of us managed to keep his eyes oped, but at least our thoughts could go on an extra turn and replay all of those collected impressions. A piece of our heart was left behind in Poland that day, but we know its safe there until we return. Now we have to focus on finishing ELEX again to be able to present you an incredible game when we meet for the next time.

See you in 2017 and stay tuned for more ELEX!